Another Season Gone…

It’s about that time when we all get to nurse our seemingly perpetual hangover with a well deserved break!

At DUST HQ we’re already working on plans for next season but we’re not giving anything away just yet. As the party spell comes to a close we just wanted to take a quick second to thank you all for coming to our parties and also give a special mention to all the great people we’ve had the pleasure of working with this season.


Francis Inferno Orchestra – Analog Room – Kenny Dope – Mic Newman – Audio Tonic – Slow Hands – Clique – Vincenzo – Nickodemus – Bam Jungle Brother – DRM – Wonderwheel Recordings – Voyeurhythm – Bastard Jazz – Tribe Records – Zepherin Saint – Adriano K – Cuts Above – Jonny Thornhill – Danny Kwang – 121 BPM – Stereotype – The Crate – Dub Ethics – Sunrise Nation – Matt Terrey – Grant Bishop – Real Events – Third Eye – Electric Days – Rosie Muhanna – Hush Bongo – Lucio Caro – Radisson Blu Tamanya Terrace & Dusk Terrace, Media City – Jibberish – causewelovemusic – Hamdan Al Abri – Toofless – Puma – Fishtail Rides – Brag – Sticky Ginger – New Era – Red Bull – RBMA M.E Quarter Tone Frequency – Al Kent – John Morales – Platinum List – Hype Magazine – Fred Perry – Infusion – Time Out – Societe Perrier – Ohm – Freshly Ground Sounds – FFWD – Art Dubai – anyone else we may have missed… thanks too!!


While you’re here, check out some of the shows we helped put together for Red Bull Music Academy Radio. If you’re not familiar, the show is called Quarter Tone Frequency, and is an exploration of authentic oriental sounds, tracking the vibrations of the independent music community across the Middle East. Each month producers and artists from around the region get to share their sounds with us. Split into four segments of 15 minutes each, the show transports listeners to the vibrant underground of Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and the UAE, each segment hosted by local voices providing insights into each scene. The UAE segment is hosted by our very own James Locksmith.

That’s all for now, keep an eye out and let us know what you’re planning this summer, who knows we might be partying together somewhere across the globe ;)

Much love,

DUST crew

Time for another banger!

First things first, this month we’ve got JOHN MORALES back in the house!!


We’re excited to have the disco king back for another throwdown this month. Joining us will be our good friends Jonny and Danny from the Cuts Above Crew and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone there, check out more details on the FB event page.

We’ve done a roundup of the best photos from our RBMA x DUST: Turntables On The Gulf event and posted these in our events section (It’s located at the top of the blog but we’ve conveniently made you a link for it’s dedicated event page here -> TOTG 2014 ). Stay tuned for the video you might have all noticed was being filmed, we’re getting that chopped and edited together soon. From here on in, you’ll be able to find photos of our past events and info links for the upcoming parties and everything DUST related.

You can also check out some pics taken by the White Cube team by clicking here.

And if you didn’t notice our instagram feed, it’s there on the right-hand side of this page, follow us and tag your DUST pics with #DUSTdxb if you like.

SO, In other news ….

Label boss at Another Music and DUST family member, Wriggly Scott, put together this rad mix for his NTS Radio show Flavor Of The Month to celebrate the 25th Anniversay of De La Soul’s, 3 Feet High and Rising.
(Yeah, yeah, we know it was back in March… we’re a bit late on sharing the mix OK!?)

Flavour Of The Month - De La Soul Special - 20-03-14 by Wriggly Scott on Mixcloud

The massive 2hour (47 tracks!) mix explores De La Soul favorites as well as music that was sampled by them, and music that was inspired by the De La Soul legacy.
Get stuck in and if you like that, keep an eye peeled for Wriggly’s upcoming mixes for NTS.

Looking forward to have a little boogie with you all soon!


So we’ve got a blog …

We’re currently sitting around clicking and typing on our laptops like madmen, getting things sorted for our next event. Check the header pic out, we’ll be changing the banner up there so you can get the important details easily.

You wouldn’t guess throwing parties involves this much tab navigating and account juggling, it’s kind of mind melting at times but we do it because we love to bring quality acts to Dubai and have a proper boogie with you.

Somewhere between the emails, social media, Photoshop, coffees, and heaps of ciggies, we also want to let you know a little bit about what’s going on with us.

Expect to see posts about our future events & parties, showcase mixes, the latest on artists we dig, music related news, photos and videos from our past events, as well as updates from labels we love and/or run. We’ll also occasionally also update you on important things like who’s the current table tennis champ at HQ, how many glasses Megadon has broken, James’ best Hamam in Dubai recommendations, and the odd jokes post or two… or five, or seven.

Right, let’s get to the serious bits then, shall we? On April 11th, we’re kicking off with our first major event of the year, RBMA Radio Quarter Tone Frequency and DUST bring you… Turntables On The Gulf

An afternoon of rooftop, extreme, poolside party vibes! We’ve got Nickodemus, DRM, and BAM joining us from NYC as well as a handful of our local favorites, Hamdan, Jibberish, Toofless, Adriano K, and yours truly the DUST DJs!
Check the Facebook event page for full details, location, and all that goodness. It’s gonna be pretty limited space up there at Dusk Terrace so please RSVP ( with your full names and emails.

Hope to see your smiling faces there!

We know how you guys love to watch things on the tube of you so we’ve got this lil nibble for ya:


And of course, a great mix for you to throw on at work, at home, download for the car, or hijack the system at the next afterparty:

Bare with us while we get this whole thing up and running properly, blahrdy blahrr and all that…Check out the little icon thingys on the bottom of our site if you want to follow us on Twitter and Instagram and more social things.

Catch you at the next event and don’t forget to check back if you’re feeling like you need some DUST in your life!



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